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Une Barque sur l'Ocean - Maurice Ravel



1. Sonata in D major -Mateo Albeniz 3'15

2. Allegro de Concierto - Enrique Granados 8'32 Pictures
3. Prelude in a minor BWV 807 - Johann Sebastian Bach 5'05 Pictures
4. Une Barque sur l'Ocean - Maurice Ravel 8'42 Pictures
5. Berceuse - Frederic Chopin 5'31

Trois Etudes Tableaux Opus 39 - Sergei Rachmaninov Pictures
6. No. 1 c minor - Allegro agitato 3'21
7. No. 5 e flat minor - Apassionato 5'45
8. No. 9 D major - Russian March 4'19

9. Danzas de los vecinos - Manuel de Falla 3'40

10. El Puerto - Isaac Albeniz 4'18 Pictures
11. El Pelele - Enrique Granados 5'20 Pictures
12. La Comparsa - Ernesto Lecuona 2'34

Tres Danzas Argentinas - Alberto Ginastera
13. Danza del viejo boyero 1'38
14. Danza de la moza donosa 4'33
15. Danza del gaucho matrero 3'59

16. Secreto - Frederico Mompou 2'43

Also available through: HMV, Indigo Chapters, Amazon.ca and at L’Atelier Grigorian, 70 Yorkville Ave., Toronto.

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From the Star com

"... nearly-off-the-map piano disc by Canadian is worth hunting for ...

"... I inserted this album in the player reluctantly, then sat down with an "Oh!" This is a groaning buffet table of showpieces rendered with assured technique and an impressive sense of purpose. The disc comes from a live recital at Walter Hall last fall and, as with many recitals, the musicianship improves once the pianist has connected with his instrument and audience.

The opening Sonata in D Major by Mateo Albeniz is a bit stiff-legged, but then Spasovski lets fly with Allegro de concierto by Enrique Granados, a sensual bath in Iberian energy. Another treat is Une barque sur l'océan by Maurice Ravel, which is, I think, a perfect near-9-minute voyage on the water.

"There is plenty more to savour on this very generous disc. Another favourite moment of mine was the encore, Frédéric Mompou's "Secreto," from his Impresiones Intimas. ..."

" John Terauds, classical music critic at the Toronto Star - February 23, 2010"

From the Wholenote magazine

"Demonstrates his technical dextrity in works from the late 18th century, excels in those of the late 19th century particularly by Spanish and South American composers, and yet shows a decidedly more sensitive side to his playing in Chopin's Berceuse." Read more....

" Richard Haskell, the Wholenote magazine, April 2010"